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Kavin Bioresearch is an academic enhancing institute that focuses on making the students enhance their academically gained knowledge. Our courses have been specially designed to help the students of life science stream, to proceed for higher education in international universities and make them industry-ready and employable in pharmaceutical drug discovery industry, which would be their most probable point of entry into the job market. We focus on training the students as per the current industrial requirements.  Our faculties are experts from various fields like research scientists from international universities and experts from leading drug discovery industries. Our courses equip the students to gain knowledge and help them get a clear picture of their future in the respective industry.

We also offer various research projects that will make your work distinct and credible.

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    our M.Sc and M.Phil project topics

    Our 2013-2014 offered M.Sc., Project Topics & M.Phil projects:

    • Assessment of the Ames assay in oil mill waste water.
    • Dextran Sodium Sulphate induced Colitis model in Rats.
    • Streptozotocin induced Type 2 diabetes in Rats.
    • In vitro Chromosomal aberration studies in normal human peripheral blood lymphocytes and prostrate cancer patients.
    • Invitro Drug metabolism assay using Microsomes-Metabolic stability assay
    • Human PBMC assay for estimation of TNF-alpha LTB4 PGE2 based .
    • Variation between the haematological parameters measured in automated and manual technique
    • Enzyme variation of Biochemical parameters (AST, ALT, Glucose, Triglycerides, UREA.) in accordance with Temperature and time.
    • Variation in Coagulation factors with respect to Time in Human and Rat species.
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